About Us

About Us

Welcome to the online Home of Seventh-Day Adventist church Najjanankumbi.

We are located along Entebbe Road, 4.3km from Kampala City Centre, Uganda.

Our Purpose and Mission

Our main purpose is to help those around us understand God’s Word – Bible, so as to find freedom, healing and hope in Jesus. As one of the sister congregations of the entire body of the Adventist World Church, our responsibility is to fulfil the Mission of Christ’s church on Earth through teaching, preaching, healing and discipleship. This mission calls us to empower and equip Adventist members to be as effective as possible in sharing the Word of God as written in the Bible with their family, friends and neighbors.

We exist as a fellowship for all people who are interested in meeting their God through prayer. A place where your Christian life can be nurtured through in-depth study of God’s word and vibrant worship services. We are so privileged to fellowship with over 500 members from different kindred, language and culture whose diversity benefits the church body in all aspects of Human Life.

Our Brief History

Since the year 1948, SDA Church Najjanankumbi stands as one of the oldest Adventist fellowships in Uganda. Our beginnings are very humble and the story begins with an evangelist meeting Held by Pr. Weiland, a Scandinavian Missionary, in 1948 in Kibuye, Kampala City. The meeting was successful and the 13 newly baptized members formed the nucleus of our fellowship 70 years ago.

Since then, both Pastors and Laity who have lived in different generations of our existence, have stood the test of the times, and have taken on the Gospel commission tirelessly turning Najjanankumbi Adventist Church into a continuously growing, Christ-centered Fellowship. The ministers organized both door-to-door campaigns and Public meetings since the early 1950’s which saw the church grow exponentially in membership and further saw the conversion of Dr. Samson Kisekka – who then was a Vice President of Uganda and Prince Jjuuko a prominent member of the Royal family of Buganda Kingdom.

We began as a small fellowship in a home of a dedicated woman Mrs. Naalongo Pama, which later grew into a bigger fellowship that couldn’t be accommodated in a home. Miraculously God enabled Buganda Kingdom to give a plot of land in kind for church construction in 1954 which was later leased in 1972. From the shambles of a small temporary structure in the mid 1950’s to a 450-seater permanent building today, we see that our existence for 7 decades has seen the image of the Adventist church changed in the entire country.

The work of the church in the region has seen the birth of strong Adventist Youth Organizations including Kampala Inter-District Youth Organization (KIDAYO), Najjanankumbi Young Christian Missionary Society (NYMS)- Education institutions and a Heath Center. The church ministry further birthed other mission centers / congregations in areas including Bbunga, Busega, Kajjansi, Kampala Central Church, and many others all in Kampala city.

Our Impact to the Community

As a Church in the City, we believe in the “Mission for the Cities”, -winning the cities for Christ. We are a church not only with in a city but for the city. We live to impact Uganda with Jesus in all ways possible through the different available mechanisms.  We have embarked on reaching out to our community in Christ-like compassion through sharing God’s word and practicing faith with Action.

The church has and continues to seek to uplift the vulnerable (orphaned, widowed, PWDs) amidst us to give them hope by providing food and also offer help at their different points of  need; Medical camps which often include blood donations, Vaccinations against Hepatitis B, Optical and dental examinations. The camps often include awareness campaigns on the growing and persistent threat of communicable and non-communicable diseases including HIV/AIDs. Additionally, through the Prison Ministry, the church occasionally conducts evangelism campaigns and supports a church in Kigo Prison. This ministry has won many souls to Christ through baptism and these have stayed in church even after completing their prison sentences.

A lot of church programs have been organized to enhance youth livelihoods through vocational skilling programs and to also overcome vices like Pornography, Masturbation, Drug abuse and Fornication in light of God’s word.  These seminars have also sought to address issues of Early pregnancies and Children Rights. We find happiness in supporting Women and Children support groups in and outside church.

The church on countless times has missioned to reach out to the communities sharing the good news of hope by distributing literature and conducting door to door prayer meetings. In the face of the Corona Virus- COVID-19 pandemic, the church has adapted, taking advantage of available communication mediums such as Radio, TV programs and the vast Social Media Platforms in order to ensure continued fellowship and to reach the masses with the messages of hope.

We are looking forward as a church in the country’s Capital City to reach all people with the Love of Christ and Hope of Christ’s soon return that we shall win many for Christ since the End is very near. We are a family of Christ on Earth on a heavenward Journey to reach the promised Land where there is a crown of Eternal glory.